The Bogan Psychological Centre provides psycho-legal assessments, treatment programs and case management of children and young people involved in accidents.  It also provides vocational assessments and rehabilitation of people with a disability or a traumatic brain injury.


Dr Jeffrey Baron Levi

The Principal of the BPC, Dr Jeffrey Baron Levi has been conducting assessments and providing rehabilitation of young people with traumatic brain injury and psychological disorders from the Bondi Junction office since February 1994. Dr Baron Levi holds the degrees of Ph.D., M.A. (Hons)., B.A. (Hons) and Dip Teaching.  Dr Baron Levi obtained his doctorate in neuropsychology on the assessment of executive functioning of children and adolescents with traumatic brain injuries. He also has a Certificate in Neuroanatomy for Neuropsychologists (University of NSW). Dr Baron Levi developed the Seals Test, a developmental measure of executive function and presented his findings at the Annual Meetings of National and International Conferences of the International Neuropsychological Society and the Australian College of Clinical Neuropsychologists.


For 5 years Dr Baron Levi developed and implemented educational programs and strategies for students with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) for the NSW Department of School Education providing support and intervention to teachers and students. Dr Baron Levi also managed and co-ordinated special education and integration programs for the Metropolitan West Region of Sydney for Children with a wide range of disabilities. Dr Baron Levi was the main author of the handbook: The Student with a Brain Injury: reintegration, assessment and strategies for mainstream teachers, published by the NSW Department of Education in 1993.


Dr Baron Levi is the author of a soon to be published book: The Hairy Bikie and Other Metacognitive Strategies, published by Springer in New York (July 2020). The book details more than 30 years of developing strategies to assist young people with traumatic brain injuries, ADHD and behavioural problems, to compensate for their deficits and function independently. 


Dr Baron Levi has had more than 30  years experience in both the assessment and rehabilitation of young people with TBI and psychological conditions. He successfully conducted a 2-year research project funded by the NSW Motor Accidents Authority on training adolescents with TBI to use compensatory strategies to improve their independence for learning. He has served on the National Steering Committee of the Head Injury Council of Australia examining services provided to students with TBI.


Dr Baron Levi has published several papers in the area of TBI and self-esteem and has conducted workshops for the Queensland Brain Injury Association. He is a member of the APS College of Developmental & Educational Psychologists and Ass member of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Dr Baron Levi has been trained in the Assessment of Permanent Impairment for the Motor Accidents Authority and WorkCover NSW.



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