EAF Individualised Ongoing Support


The Bogan Psychological Centre (BPC) has staff with expertise and experience in delivering a tailor-made individualised support program for Disability Employment Services (DES) jobseekers to remain in sustainable employment. This support is delivered through the EAF JobAccess Program of DEEWR and is in the form of:


•An initial assessment of needs taking into account information supplied by the case manager

•We will also work with the case manager to help submit a request for the funding of EAF with job access.

•The assessment includes completion by the case manager of the BPC Workplace Behaviour Assessment and BPC Skills Assessment tools specifically developed by BPC for ongoing support for clients with disabilities.

•Development of an Individual Ongoing Support Plan setting out the strategies and support required at the work site.

•Development of strategies contextualised within the workplace using Visual Plans and other functional strategies implemented by BPC staff at the work site.

•Providing training to the employer on the needs of the jobseeker with disabilities with the permission of the jobseeker.

•BPC staff acting as a job coach at the worksite implementing the support strategies to assist the jobseeker to understand what it is they have to do, to know what strategies they need to carry out the required tasks, to check that they have understood the task and know how to receive help if they are stuck.

•Training co-workers or an identified work buddy to prompt the jobseeker to use the relevant strategies.

•BPC staff train the jobseeker to independently use the Visual Plans and other relevant strategies.

•At the end of the intervention we will send a written report to the provider setting out the intervention that was implemented and the results that were gained.



Download our Pamphlet

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