"Some years ago our son who was a pedestrian at the time, was involved in a motor vehicle accident sustaining head injuries. He was studying third year Science at university and suffered post traumatic memory loss. He was unable to pass any further exams. We consulted Dr Bogan who devised a very successful program to help Joe with his problem. With Dr Bogan's expert training and supervision and Joe's tenacity combined, there was a successful outcome and Joe continued on at university, passed his third year exams and went on to take an honours year and his PhD. He is now a successful research scientist.


We are all grateful for Dr Bogan's help and direction during those difficult times especially as Joe's medical team displayed pessimism about his future.We remember a particular time when Joe was at home talking to Dr Bogan on the phone. Joe got off the phone and his face reflected the relief he was feeling as he said that at last he had someone who was able to help him."


Gloria, July 2011




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